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Welcome to the era of First Person View (FPV)

The latest breakthrough in drone video technology. FPV is trending 🔥 from feature films to documentaries, FPV drones are more and more used due to their speed, agility and unique look. 


At Sky Legends we are at the forefront of this exciting development. Each FPV drone is equipped with a high-definition video camera that transmits live footage directly to the pilot on the ground.

The benefits of FPV Drone Videos


Positions your Company

Establishes your company as innovative and technologically advanced within the market.


Differentiates your Brand

Sets your brand apart from competitors in a saturated industry.


Increases "Wow" Factor

Boosts the excitement and draws attention to captivate, involve, and expand your customer base.


Immersive Content

Transform any project into captivating, interactive content suitable for social media and marketing channels.

Market We Serve

 The world of FPV is relatively new but rapidly growing, introducing an entirely new style of video capture. The resulting footage is immersive, thrilling, and enjoyable to watch, making it an ideal tool for boosting brand recognition and raising awareness. 


We have identified several industries that stand to benefit significantly from FPV technology, including: Sports Teams, Tourism, Entertainment Industry, Government agencies, Venues, Multi-Location Brands, Film Industry, Construction, Automotive Industry, Advertising Agencies and Audiovisual Production Companies (for client offerings), and many other sectors.

FPV Drone Indoor Tours

Creating indoor drone video tours is our preferred type of content to film for companies. Our highly skilled pilots can expertly maneuver through your warehouse, office, or store, capturing it in one continuous shot. People love watching these tours because it gives them a behind-the-scenes look at your operations.


Meet Our Lead FPV Pilot


Franco Renones has over five years of experience as a Professional FPV Drone Pilot and has built over 30 custom drones. Compared to what's in the market, he's neither Race nor Freestyle pilot, instead his background lies in Filmmaking and Creative Industries to create innovative, high quality and unique shots.


He's comfortable doing close proximity and tight FPV shots on the film set and he's passionate about new ways to tell stories with his custom-made drones.

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