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About Sky Legends

Our mission at Sky Legends is to push the boundaries of drone solutions and content creation through innovation, efficiency, and our unique talent.


Our Story

Based in Perth, Western Australia, Sky Legends is focused on providing effective solutions in various industries using high-performing drones, advanced film technology and skilled pilots and professionals to achieve unique creative content. The company specialises in providing services such as Professional Aerial Services, FPV Drone Services with Custom-built drones, and stunning Content Creation for every industry.


Each team member at Sky Legends has completed their remote pilot licence and is certified by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, thus allowing us to fly in restricted airspace after receiving permission from CASA. 


Additionally, Sky Legends have the EVLOS Class 1 Operations Instrument, approved by CASA, which allow us to fly PFV Drone legally in Australia. 

Meet Our Lead FPV Pilot


Franco Renones has over five years of experience as a Professional FPV Drone Pilot and has built over 30 custom drones. Compared to what's in the market, he's neither Race nor Freestyle pilot, instead his background lies in Filmmaking and Creative Industries to create innovative, high quality and unique shots.

"Passionate about drones, emerging technologies, and their potential applications, I bring over 5 years of experience to the table, having worked with drones in diverse industries such as mining, energy, construction, cinema and marketing."

– Franco


Licenses & Certifications

Civil Aviation Safety Authority

Commercial Remote Pilots


We hold the Remotely piloted aircraft operator's certificate (ReOC) and EVLOS Class 1 Approval which allows us to fly FPV Drones in Australia

Drones Up to 25kg

With our <25Kg Remote Pilot Licence (RePL), we can fly heavy-lift platforms with diverse playloads such as photogrammetry, thermal and multispectral cameras

Remote Visual Inspection


High-experienced pilots bringing over 5 years of experience working with drones in diverse industries such as mining, energy, construction, cinema and marketing 

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